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MoveIT Data Breach
This was a pretty major breach.  It has affected thousands of people.  The MoveIT software basically is data transfer software used by major corporations to move data from one place to another.  It did affect some financial institutions and their customers.

These are some of the major companies affected:
– The US Department of Energy
– New York City Department of Education
– Shell
– Ernst & Young
– Northwest Mutual
– Pacific Premier Bank
– TransAmerica Life Insurance
– Honeywell
– Bristol Myers Squibb
– Gen/Norton LifeLock
– Radisson Hotel
– British Airways

Keep an eye on your email to see if a company you have dealt with was affected. They will send out a letter letting you know and what you should do to protect yourself.  Also if you are enrolled in a company affected it may be a good idea to change your password.  If you think you were affected you can take a couple of proactive steps.

-First is to freeze your Social Security number so it cant be used to sign up for anything. You can contact the social security administration to get this done.

-Another step is to pay for a monitoring service that will monitor activity on your social and take steps to prevent fraud.

Aura is one I recommend, it does an excellent job at keeping an eye on you and preventing fraud. Click here to check them out.
Windows 11 Tips

Realign the Start Button

The first thing that will jump out at you is the placement of the Start button. Long located in the lower-left corner of the screen, it’s now centered with the rest of the icons on the taskbar. But don’t worry, you can change it back.

Right-click the taskbar and open Taskbar Settings. Select the Taskbar Behaviors drop-down and change Taskbar Alignment to Left.

Your taskbar icons move to the left and the Start button goes back where it belongs. For more on personalizing the Windows 11 taskbar, check out our guide.

Add More Options to Your Right-Click Menu

The right-click menu now focuses only on the most important settings. Should you need more settings—print, set a new background, or view the full file location, for instance—select Show more options to open a spill-over menu.

Customize the Quick Settings Panel

Windows 11 separates the Quick Settings that appear in the Action Center in Windows 10 from that panel’s notifications. Click the area of the taskbar that has Wi-Fi, speaker, and, battery icons to open a settings menu that lets you control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, battery-saver mode, and more. To add or remove settings buttons, click the pencil-shaped Edit quick settings button. Unpin what you don’t want or click Add to make new features accessible from the Quick Settings menu.

Add Tabs to File Explorer

A top feature added in the Windows 11 22H2 update is that File Explorer finally gets tabs like its macOS counterpart Finder has had for years. Having tabs saves you from littering your desktop with multiple File Explorer windows when you need to view more than one at a time. Just right-click on a folder and choose Open in New Tab, like you would in a web browser.

Pro tip: You can drag a file between tabs. Just drag it to the desired tab and then down into the file list for that tab. Also as with a web browser, you can drag tabs sideways to rearrange them and hit Alt-Left Arrow to navigate back in a tab.

With the initial Windows 11 release, Microsoft streamlined the ribbon at the top of the File Explorer menu. Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Share, Delete, Sort, and View choices get prominent buttons at the top, saving you from having to wade through multiple menus you seldom use. Windows 11 also adds a New button for creating new folders and shortcuts, as well as documents based on the programs you have installed. The buttons displayed change based on context, too, so, for example, when you’re searching in the right-hand search box, you get a Search Options button.

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